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For many MBA students, one of the most beneficial aspects of earning an MBA degree, apart from the knowledge they gain, is the opportunity to network with their classmates. At Limestone College, an MBA program cohort brings together a diverse pool of candidates from various professional and academic backgrounds, providing students exposure they might not [...]
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Business Degree At Work
For many business school entrants, an MBA program provides a sure pathway to job advancement or a new career. For others, it is the most crucial training opportunity for the greatest career journey of their life — entrepreneurship. But how useful or necessary is an MBA for starting a business? A BBC News article explores [...]
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From the Bloomberg Recruiter Report to GMAC’s Corporate Recruiter Survey, teamwork and collaboration continues to be among the top skills sought by MBA employers. The Bloomberg Report identifies the “ability to work collaboratively” as one of the more desired yet also more common skills among MBA graduates; While the GMAC report identifies the “ability to [...]
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