Why Should You Pursue Your MBA?

Adair Hudson is the Assistant Director of the MBA Program at Limestone College. She has been with the MBA Program since it started in July of 2012 . Below, she gives her insight on, "Why you should pursue your MBA at Limestone College?"

Why Limestone MBA? "It allows you to focus on one class at a time, while juggling a personal life and work."

How was your experience in the MBA Program? "I had a great experience. I connected with members and we still keep in touch today. One of my friends from the program even attended my wedding."

How has gaining your MBA degree changed your life? "It's tought me lots of leadership and analytical skills. Being in the MBA Program, helped me advance my career at Limestone College. I started as an Administrative Assistant, transitioned to Office Manager, and now I'm the Assistant Director for the MBA Program. 

If you have any questions or if your interested in joining the MBA Program, please contact Adair below at:

Email: ahudson@limestone.edu

Office: 1-864-488-4370

Adair Hudson, Assistant Director
Adair Hudson, Assistant Director