Demand for MBA Graduates Remains High in the Job Market



Many times I am asked, “Why should I get an MBA?” Aside from the personal fulfillment of earning a coveted higher degree, I often talk about the demand for MBA trained employees in the job market. In a recent study by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), nearly 9 out of 10 employers stated they would be seeking to hire MBA graduates in 2018, up from 8 out of 10 last year. Employers also reported that new employees with graduate degrees earn a starting salary 83% higher than just those employees with undergraduate degrees.

The importance of advanced degrees will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. With very low unemployment rates, 2 things will start to happen:
1.       We should expect to see wages start to grow
2.       The competition for jobs will increase, dictating that employees be even more qualified for prospective jobs.
Job seekers will need lines on their resume’s that differentiate themselves from other candidates and an advanced business degree could very well be the notch that sets you apart from the crowded applicant pool.
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Dr. Shannon Creighton
Director, Limestone MBA Program