The best business jobs in America: CNN Money and rankings

CNN Money and recently released their 2017 Best Jobs in America rankings that evaluate careers based on job growth, pay and work satisfaction. Among one hundred jobs, many fall in the business category.

For Limestone students earning a Bachelors of Business Administration, we’ve picked out the top ranked careers for each of Limestone’s business degree concentrations.

Marketing – Marketing and Sales Director (#18)

Students earning a Bachelors in Business Administration Marketing will find several marketing positions on this list. However, the top spot goes to marketing and sales director, ranked as number 18. Marketing and sales directors earn on average $114,000 a year and their 10-year projected job growth is seven percent. This position is responsible for creating and implementing marketing, sales and public relations plans designed to increase sales. Other marketing positions on the list are social media manager, brand manager and marketing and communications director.

Management – Management Analyst (#17)

A degree in business management is known for offering flexibility and a wide range of career opportunities. So, it’s no surprise that the list included many jobs ideal for those with a Bachelors in Business Administration Management. Some examples include customer service director, management analyst, quality management director and associate director of a nonprofit organization. However, the top ranked position is management analyst taking spot 17. Management analysts earn on average $71,400 a year, and their 10-year job growth is 14 percent. They are responsible for reviewing organization’s management practices to create efficient processes, implement newer technologies or develop stronger talent.

Accounting – Auditing Director (#11)

Among the jobs ideal for Bachelors of Business Administration Accounting students, that made it to the list are certified public accountant, accounting analyst, and auditing director. Ranked at spot 11, the top-ranking accounting position is an auditing director. The median pay for auditing directors is $141,000 and the projected 10-year job growth is 11 percent. Auditing directors are responsible for leading the auditing department while working with the management team to implement best practices, manage risk and ensure compliance.

Finance – Finance & Administration Director (#10)

The top ranked finance position on the list is a finance and administration director, taking spot 10. The median pay for finance and administration directors is $97,300, while their projected 10-year job growth is seven percent. Finance and administration directors are responsible for creating organization’s financial statements and communicating their report findings to leadership. Other finance positions on the list ideal for Bachelors of Business Administration Finance are: portfolio manager, account and finance reporting director, certified financial planner, and financial analysis manager.

Computer Science Programming (Mobile App Developer #1)

Finally, for those who are pursuing Limestone’s Bachelors in Business Administration Computer Science Programming, the outlook is bright. The number of computer-science-related jobs on this list is immense including mobile applications developer, database analyst, information technology director, database administrator, and many more. However, the top-ranked position is mobile app developer which takes spot number one. Mobile app developers create apps that are functional, user friendly and secure. On average, they earn $97,100 a year and their projected 10-year job growth is 19 percent.