Meet Kayla Covil: Limestone MBA program student

Kayla Covil, MBA Program Student

“Going through Limestone’s MBA program has really opened my eyes to possibilities of what could be. I don’t think as small as I used to. It’s definitely opened my mind to dreaming more, being more and doing more.” — Kayla Covil

Kayla Covil, a Limestone MBA program student, is four courses away from her MBA diploma. Her path to this point was one of hard work, dedication, sacrifice but also reward. And her story is a true testament to the powers of dreaming bigger.

After graduating from high school, Kayla first enrolled in a local community college, but when a family tragedy struck, she put her dream of degree completion on hold and began a full-time job.

“I became independent but I also realized that wasn’t enough for me,” says Kayla.

The feeling of knowing she could do better, ultimately led her to go back to school. She applied to Limestone College and after several years of hard work, earned a bachelor’s degree in business management. While proud by what she had accomplished, her sights were soon set on something even bigger.

She remembers first hearing about the MBA program while an undergraduate at Limestone. Feeling encouraged by the program’s flexible schedule and familiar faculty, she debated whether this was something she could juggle with a full-time job. Putting her personal life on hold was also a factor as she intended to marry her fiancé after completing her bachelor’s degree. However, with support from her loved ones, she decided to take the next step and apply for Limestone’s MBA.

Since beginning the program, Kayla was promoted into a management position with her current employer. The depth of the program curriculum has allowed her to feel more confident about challenging herself to seek new opportunities for growth. Just recently, she volunteered to take a lead on preparing a formal business plan for her employer. Kayla explains that while her undergraduate degree covered corporate planning, the MBA program is much more comprehensive. She’s been able to learn more about all aspects of corporate management including talent resources and benefits — one area that’s very relevant to her current job.

When asked what is her favorite thing about Limestone’s MBA, Kayla talks cheerfully about Limestone’s residency weekends, a chance for online MBA program students to meet face-to-face with their classmates and faculty.

“It’s just nice to talk to the people who are going through the same thing you are going through,” says Kayla.

Having attended two residency weekends thus far, she deeply values the personal connections she’s been able to make. In fact, some of her closest friends today are the people she met through the program. Kayla also adds that being able to network with people with similar ambitions made a big impact on her career outlook.

Today, Kayla continues to feel empowered to think bigger and sees herself in a chief financial officer position at a small to mid-size company in the near future.