5 Blogs and online publications for business students

Since landing a dream job may require more than education credentials, students are often advised to supplement their classroom learning with internships and spare time reading.

For those who are pursuing a Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing at Limestone College, here are five popular business blogs and/or online publications that can help you keep up with the latest business trends.


The HubSpot Blog mainly focuses on inbound marketing, a method for attracting customers to products and services through a combination of content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Currently, the blog is divided into two sections: sales and marketing. The content of the blog covers anything from marketing strategy and advertising trends to dealing with specific sales challenges such as how to respond to common customer objections.

Harvard Business Review

Ideal for business management students, the Harvard Business Review online publication offers visitors free access to five articles per month. Students can register with their email to gain greater access. The publication covers topics related to various functions of corporate management including strategy, communication, innovation, technology, marketing, culture, human resources and more. As many of its contributors are academics, many articles reference academic research.

Marketing Profs

Another great resource for marketing and business students, is the Marketing Profs Blog. In addition to blog articles, it offers podcasts, seminars and tutorials on subjects such as brand management, customer relationship, market research, public relations, metrics, and more. Many of its articles are written by contributors who are serving as CEOs, presidents, creative directors, and senior strategists at some of the leading businesses in the country.


Known for its premier business rankings of companies, people, places, sports, and education, Forbes is a business magazine that features original articles on finance, investing, marketing, technology, communications and law. The online magazine can be a great resource for budding entrepreneurs and business students who are looking for a quick and easy way to stay informed about micro and macro forces affecting the business world today.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land offers daily industry news and trends in search marketing, paid search advertising and search engine optimization. The blog serves as a great resource for both new and experienced inbound marketing professionals. For students who are new to inbound marketing, the blog offers many ‘how to’ articles as well as free subscriptions to a daily newsletter.