4 things to know about the MBA residency weekend

MBA Residency Weekend, Gaffney, SC

If you are a Limestone MBA program student, then you have already heard about the residency weekend, an on-campus event that occurs three times during your program and is a required portion of the MBA curriculum.

Residency weekends provide an immeasurable value to a student’s learning experience. It will help you acquire the sought-after skills of collaboration and teamwork while allowing you to network and connect with your classmates and faculty.

For those students who are just beginning their MBA program, here are four things to know about the residency weekend.

  1. When is it happening?

The next residency weekend will be held January 6-8, 2017. This residency weekend is intended for the new MBA program students only (those starting in January 2017). The schedule of residency weekends for other cohorts including those who started in May 2015 or May 2016 can be found in the Limestone’s MBA Program Graduate Academic Catalog. While residency weekends are designed to minimize time off work, they typically run from 2:00 pm on Friday to 2:00 pm on Sunday. To that end, if you work regular business hours, you’ll need to plan for a half-day at work on Friday, January 6.

  1. Who will be there?

As attendance is required of all online MBA program students, MBA residency weekends offer a prime opportunity to meet and network with fellow peers and faculty face-to-face. In addition to meeting with classmates from your cohort, you’ll also have a chance to meet with students from other MBA cohorts during your second and third residencies. Make the most of this experience by connecting with each person to learn a little bit about their professional and personal background. Remember that the students you meet may end up working with you on future class projects. So, it’s helpful to get to know other classmates.

  1. What you will learn?

The topics and material covered will depend on whether you are attending your first, second or final residency weekend. For example, the January 2017 residency weekend will cover BA 501 Group Dynamics. During this course students will learn about the fundamental theory of teamwork including common teamwork issues, how teamwork can increase performance and productivity, and how different management skills and techniques affect group dynamics. Students can also expect to learn about writing a research paper in the APA format, the case study methodology, and how to access core learning tools from an off-campus location.

  1. What is it worth?

Each residency weekend accounts for 1 credit towards your 36-credit MBA program. As each non-residency course covers 3 credit hours, all three residency weekends are equivalent to one non-residency course. However, the value of residency weekends goes beyond the material covered, as students will have a chance to network and make connections with faculty and peers.