Bachelors in Business Administration Alumnus Spotlight: Kevin Nix

Bachelors in business administration alumnus Kevin Nix

With career advancement in mind, Kevin Nix returned to college at age 36 to get the education he needed to attain his ultimate goal.

“In your mid-30s, you think you’re well-set and that you have your education behind you and now it’s time to put that education to work,” says Nix, a graduate of the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Limestone College.

Although he already had an associate’s degree before enrolling at Limestone, Nix knew in order to move up in his career at the company he works for, he had to get his Business bachelor’s degree.

“I wanted upward mobility with the company I work for so I started talking to some of my colleagues who were enrolled at Limestone and they encouraged me to do some research,” says Nix, a supervisor of maintenance planning, training and development at Mitsubishi Polyester Film.

Limestone’s online Business Administration degree curriculum, coupled with the opportunity to take evening classes, provided the perfect structure for Nix’s work schedule and family time with his wife and children.

“Limestone’s online program that allowed me to take a couple courses at a time made it much more manageable because I could work it around my schedule,” he explains.

Although the school schedule was convenient, Nix still had to put in much time toward his studies. He spent many weekends indoors working on classwork while his family enjoyed activities outside.

“I wanted to be there during the week when their activities were going on,” Nix says. “But for me there were times when I was pressed to get things done; once the kids went to bed, 9:30 to 1:30 [a.m.] gets lonely and when the clock goes off at 5:30 the next morning you got to get up.”

Nix’s competitive nature kicked into gear while in pursuit of his degree in Business Administration. He strived to get top grades not only to fulfill personal satisfaction, but also to meet the grade requirements for his employer’s tuition reimbursement. His personal drive was supported by Limestone faculty members who helped him throughout his educational journey.

“I really enjoyed the Business Law course,” Nix states. “I especially liked [the professor’s] approach to teaching. He made the learning process fun and engaging.”

Being engaged with online classes requires an especially disciplined approach, according to Nix. Online learning requires more self-direction and students willing to take full responsibility for their own learning are most successful with it.

“You don’t have the lecture where the professor is standing up in front of the class writing at a board and you copy down notes,” Nix explains. “You have to do all of your reading. Teachers post things on the message board, but you have to take it from there. So discipline is of the utmost importance.”

Nix graduated from the Business Administration bachelor’s degree program in December 2013. A short time later, he got the job promotion he had been seeking.

“The education process isn’t just about the academics, it’s about overcoming obstacles, persevering and seeing something through to the end,” he says. “I believe [the company] realized those qualities were there. As far as I know, my managers are very pleased with my performance.”

He also believes his sons have learned the importance of education by witnessing how their dad dedicated his time to getting his degree.

“My encouragement is to finish your college degree sooner rather than later,” Nix says. “But in case you have to complete it later in your adult life, Limestone offers a great program to do that.”