Preparing for your next business class presentation

Staff Development and Training A presentation is a method of sharing information in a manner that creates a compelling argument for an audience to take action. And they are particularly important in the corporate world.

Imagine a VP of strategy rolling out a new five-year plan to senior staff, or an HR training specialist educating new hires on financial compliance, or a marketing executive pitching a new idea to a client. Each scenario will often involve a presentation, which if executed well, will help projects get the desired buy-in and move forward.

For this reason and more, it is important that you use your time as a student and the classroom platform to practice and build your presentation skills.

While for some, the very idea of standing up in front of a room sends chills down their spine, for others, it’s what drives them. Regardless of how you may feel about presenting, there are a plenty of helpful advice on becoming a better presenter.

For example, Nancy Duarte, a presentations expert, offers the following tips in her recent Harvard Business Review article, “Conquer Your Nerves Before Your Presentation”:

  1. Do as much as you can to prepare including rehearsing
  2. Visualize different moments of your presentation from being called on stage to audience facial reactions, to any other details you can imagine
  3. Recognize the point where you have done everything you possibly can to prepare and leave it at that, accepting that situations may not always be in your control

Fortunately, Limestone’s business students can take a number of courses that often require presentations including Principles of Management, Business Communications, and Principles of Marketing among others.  Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business can also practice their presentation skills by joining campus clubs such as Students in Free Enterprise, SIFE. The Limestone SIFE chapter is a student organization designed to develop a student’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills while students work on projects impacting the lives of those at Limestone College, in their community, and around the world.