HR Course Spotlight: Staff Development and Training

Staff Development and Training If you are earning a degree in human resource management, one of the courses you are required to take is HR 420 Staff Development and Training. The course emphasis is on learning how to design and manage effective training programs for the workforce in both public and private sectors. The course also examines the responsibilities of human resource practitioners and their roles and functions within an organization.

One of the main course requirements is a group training project where students are asked to design and present a 10-minute training session on a topic of their choice. To that end, students must develop training materials, including an introductory video, trainer’s guide, participant’s workbook, and an assessment instrument. Then, each group must present their training session to classmates, who are responsible for completing the group’s assessment to evaluate the training session.

Dr. Donna Gwaltney, an adjunct Instructor, , says, “the course takes students from beginning to end of what an HR training specialist may do, offering a real-world experience in a controlled, safe environment of a classroom.”

Another important aspect of the course is peer review and collaboration. This is also true for Limestone’s Extended Campus Program students who can take the course online. For example, online students are required to respond to at least one classmate’s post pertaining to the weekly discussion question. And just in case you were wondering, according to the course syllabus, “a response such as ‘I agree!’ or ‘Good post!’ will receive no credit for peer feedback.”

In addition to the training project and responding to the discussion questions, online students will complete a series of weekly assignments such as chapter readings and exercise questions. The course also encourages the use of helpful HR training resources such as the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) website.