4 Tips for business students juggling work and school

Despite its rewards, balancing a full-time job with school can be a challenge. Add in the responsibilities of family life and it becomes easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are working towards your associate or bachelor degree in business, it becomes important to implement strategies that save you time, money, and stress. Below, we’ve put together four tips you might not have considered to help manage your busy lifestyle.

Merge School with Work

Be vigilant of any opportunity to turn school projects into work assignments or vice versa. For example, a marketing class project can become a marketing plan for your current employer. Doing so will not only make your time count twice, but also provide an opportunity to apply new knowledge instantly.

Lookout for Indirect Education Benefits

If your employer does not offer education benefits, there are other smaller perks you should look out for. For example, an end of fiscal year can spur year-end spending intended to maintain future budgets. Department directors may offer small allowances to employees towards professional development to include things like books. Use this opportunity to purchase needed textbooks for your next course. Your employer will benefit from your continued education and you’ll save some cash.

Tie in Work Performance Goals with School

Setting yearly goals, meeting with the boss, doing year-end evaluation… we’re all familiar with the performance appraisal drill. To the extent possible, try to tie in your work performance goals with classes and assignments at school. Professional development is an important aspect of your continued performance improvement and your education more than counts.

Schedule a Day Off

While Limestone College Extended Campus offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to the structure of your program and its locations (including Gaffney, Greenville, Columbia, Aiken, Florence, Kingstree, Charleston, and Lowcountry), be sure to plan around big assignments and finals.  If you have personal days or unused vacation, scheduling a day or two off right around your deadlines may help alleviate stress and pressure of doing multiple things at once.