How can you tell if you are a born Entrepreneur?

A recent survey conducted by an online legal service provider CT Corporation found that more than half of recent college graduates want to start their own business.

If you are pursuing a bachelors or associates degree in business, it’s likely that you, too, have thought about starting your own venture someday.  So what does it take? A recent Inc. Magazine article listed the following 10 signs that may indicate one’s entrepreneurial spirit:

1.     Risk-Taking Behaviors
2.     Tenacity
3.     Confidence
4.     Adaptability
5.     Curiosity
6.     Restlessness
7.     A Focus on the Big Picture
8.     A Rebellious Streak
9.     A Desire to Build Things
10.  Competitiveness

Serial entrepreneurs—individuals who have established more than one business— can reveal additional and perhaps more unique aspects to an entrepreneur’s personality.

A Fast Company article, “The Science and Psychology Behind What Drives Serial Entrepreneurs,” notes three things that serial entrepreneurs have in common: “they are more driven by success, more likely to take a course of action that is uncertain and to do something unproven.”

According to the article, some evidence suggests that serial entrepreneurs are responsible for one-third of all ventures. Other unique traits commonly seen in such individuals are the tendency to refine their ideas with experience and keep moving forward despite initial failure.

While the above traits may offer some insight into your entrepreneurial self, you can also take a number of online test tools such as this Entrepreneur Quiz. Beyond gauging personality traits, the quiz considers financial factors such as one’s spending habits, possession of start-up capital and sustainability of first year start-up costs.

Limestone students pursuing business degrees can take a number of courses to test the waters of the entrepreneurial world including BA 318 Small Business Management, BA 334 Investments or BA360 World Trade and International Business.