5 Tips on Professional Development for Business Students

Colleges that offer associates or bachelors degree in business increasingly recognize that professional development paired with classroom learning gives graduates a leg up.

Here are five tips to keep in mind when it comes to professional development:

Stay Active

You already have the habit of attending class — so why not stay on schedule after graduation by attending webinars or conferences, reading, volunteering and shadowing. Such habits maintain one’s relevancy in a changing job market.

Embrace Change

It’s natural to like a certain amount of predictability — but consider how often you find yourself embracing change or thinking in a way that doesn’t follow your usual thought process. Open-minded flexibility can enable professional growth in such areas as teamwork, relationship building, innovation and more.


From meeting with former co-workers to growing your LinkedIn connections, networking is an essential part of professional development. A strong network can help keep you in the loop with latest industry trends, learn about new opportunities, and build long-lasting professional relationships. Remember that networking is not just about you and that you should approach every connection with an intention of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Tap School Resources

Don’t forget to use existing school resources such as Limestone College Career Center. The center offers goal assessment tools, help with resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching, job and internship postings, networking events, and more.

Shape Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch allows you to quickly articulate your existing knowledge, passions and career goals. Being ready to summarize your professional interests will facilitate networking. If you are uncertain about how you will use your degree or what your particular interests are, you can start by talking with your professors, career counselors or existing pool of contacts. Getting your elevator pitch ready will communicate a clear sense of direction to your network contacts and position you as a goal-oriented professional.