May 2015

A presentation is a method of sharing information in a manner that creates a compelling argument for an audience to take action. And they are particularly important in the corporate world. Imagine a VP of strategy rolling out a new five-year plan to senior staff, or an HR training specialist educating new hires on financial [...]
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Professional Development
Yahoo’s 2013 ban on working from home caused a bit of controversy around remote work policies spurring debates, commentaries and coverage from leading business publications. The center of the debate rests between the value of productivity, which some argue can be increased by working from home, versus the value of creativity or innovation that others [...]
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Human Resources
Last month, Limestone College celebrated its annual Alumni Day event offering an opportunity for old classmates to catch up, reconnect, and have a good time. Among this year’s attendance were a number of Limestone’s business degree alumni, including Amanda A. Knowles who was honored as the recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award for her service [...]
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Business Degree At Work