October 2014

Recently, Facebook announced a new way of helping local businesses reach more customers. The yet-to-be launched advertising feature will allow businesses to show local awareness ads to customers within a specified radius of a given business location. For example, a coffee shop in downtown Charlotte, NC, will be able to create a mobile ad, specify [...]
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Whether you are studying a bachelors or associates degree in business, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Big Data. As near as Charlotte, NC, local leaders in business and government are working to make the city a national hub for Big Data companies. While the majority of discussion is centered on how Big Data informs [...]
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Tech + Leadership
Colleges that offer associates or bachelors degree in business increasingly recognize that professional development paired with classroom learning gives graduates a leg up. Here are five tips to keep in mind when it comes to professional development: Stay Active You already have the habit of attending class — so why not stay on schedule after [...]
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