Marketing Spotlight Series 1: From creative thinking to analytics

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Whether you consider yourself a numbers person or a creative, a degree in marketing offers a wide variety of career paths that fulfill a broad range of interests. From becoming a wordsmith behind the next big advertising campaign to the brains behind a pricing strategy, a bachelors degree in marketing offers students a solid foundation to take their career in many directions.

To help spark ideas for all that you can do with a marketing degree, we are introducing a short blog series discussing common career tracks in both creative and analytical sides of the spectrum.

For example, a bachelors degree in marketing offers creative positions in a number of fields including advertising, brand management, public relations, communications and more. For those interested in the analytical side of marketing, common fields include market research, product development, and sales, among others.

However, the division between creative and analytical is not always so distinct, allowing some fields to merge both skill sets, such as brand management positions. An AdvertisingAge article explains that at Procter & Gamble Co., brand management encompasses market research, public relations, and design.

Our future posts will offer more details on common positions in both creative and analytical sides of marketing.

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